Brunning Electrical Services cater strongly to the American community. We specialize in serving you "guys"

We have full 24 hour, independant base access (no need to be signed on base). If you have access to the VAT relief programme, we are very experienced with the organsing and despatch of VAT free invoices. This means that on most jobs you can access a 20 %reduction on the total invoice. This tends to be for house owners only who are replacing goods like for like. Example a dangerous old fusebox can be replaced by a new modern RCD consumer unit and a VAT free invoice can be raised. We can always check to see if your particular requirements can be processed VAT exempt. Many of the small local tradespeople in the area, are either not aware of the VAT prpgramme or DO NOT WANT THE HASSLE with dealing with the paperwork. Dont worry we are pleased to arrange your VAT invoice and the cheque from the base will always clear (we hope!!)

So if you need a US Dryer installed, or a new 13A socket or even just a ceiling fan, we can help. We will accept both UK pounds and US dollers, if that helps you.

We can be contacted on 0800 842 0424 TOLL FREE!!!!

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